Feeling stuck is exhausting. I have felt stuck before. Just like you have. And I will feel stuck again. Just like you will. But that doesn't make it any less exhausting. It seems to take a toll on the majority of your being.

I think that the most dangerous part about being stuck is that it can evolve. It may start with being stuck physically with where you are in life. Once you have this sense of not progressing, it can start making you emotionally stuck. Being continuously annoyed, frustrated, or simply sad. Maybe you are waiting for something new to happen and life doesn't seem to be heading that direction. And once you become emotionally stuck, it can leak into your spiritual life. You can become spiritually stuck.

When the rest of our lives aren't progressing, it can be hard to be motivated to grow.

I'm currently feeling a bit stuck. Except mine is an anxious stuck. That feeling of standing at the edge of the cliff you are about to jump off into the river, but still second guessing yourself. With the continuing challenge of finding work in the career I am chasing, it has been discouraging at times. Hearing back off and on from companies, frequently hearing that I need just that much more experience. Spending time studying and trying to get better, yet still having difficulties finding the work. It has been a long ongoing process that definitely has not been my favorite.

The worst part is this feeling of being stuck has affected me spiritually at times. It has been hard to stay motivated in my walk with the Lord. Whether it comes from being distracted with studying, being busy with other areas of life, or simply laziness. And let me tell you, being stuck spiritually is the worst kind of stuck.

Yet in all the waiting, in all the hoping, in all the attempts I have made at progressing to the next stage of life, there is one thing that I can be reminded of. That once I get past this seemingly stuck section of life, my life is still continually changing. And not only that, but the changes I am waiting on now will start change in even more areas of my life. And you know what, I am stoked.

So let me say this, you can still be excited while feeling stuck.

I find myself feeling discouraged some days. I find myself feeling like I am floating with nowhere to go. Sometimes even feeling like I am aimlessly wandering, waiting to be pointed in the right direction. But I know that Christ has carefully planned out my next stage of life, and that brings me incredible excitement.

Finding that excitement in the future can help you through periods of feeling stuck. Looking forward to the future, and trusting in the God that he has carefully created the life you live will change the way that these periods of no movement feel. If you look for the gifts that God is graciously giving, then being stuck isn't a reality anymore. Instead, you now are working with Christ in the life he is continually designing for you. And thank the Lord, because he has put people in my life that encourage me in finding rest and peace in this stage, while creating excitement in looking forward with me.

So my encouragement is to be excited about where God is taking you, even when it takes time. It sure has felt like it takes a little to long for my liking recently, but hey, what do I know, I'm just a punk human trying to take over a life that wasn't mine to begin with. I already have so much God has given me, why not patiently wait for what else He has in store?