Recently I have had some responsibility fall into my lap that I feel a little inadequate about. Although it is fairly common to feel inadequate about any new responsibilities, it can seem magnified when other people’s success may ride on how you do. Whether the success of the people around you actually depends on your performance, or whether it’s just a misguided belief in our mind, I believe that the idea of feeling inadequate can plague how we perform.

Sometimes feeling inadequate can’t be helped. We all meet people better than us at what we are trying to do. We all know of people better than us at what we are trying to do. And it’s quite realistic that there are people that are better than you, than me. The actions we take when we meet and see those people though can be two entirely different things. The first is to accept the feeling of inadequacy, or to push your self to be confident in what you are doing. It’s not a switch, but a work in progress.

I don’t think we are meant to feel like we aren’t good enough. I don’t think we are meant to feel like we can’t do something. Let those feelings push you. Work harder, learn more, and get better. We all can. It is just a matter of if we let laziness or fear of failing win the battle of our mind.

With all that said, I still am curious to see how different things will pan out that I am doing. I still will take photos, look at them and be disappointed. I will still make mistakes playing music and be frustrated by them. I still apply for developer jobs just to hear I don’t have the experience. Those are all inadequacies in my life. But if accept that as the peak of my ability, then what’s the point of still trying. Instead, see the mistakes, recognize where you don’t feel as confident, and get confident about it. And from there you can succeed and complete any task set before you. Just work at it. It’s worth it.