Recently I have felt like I have been in a little bit of a creative funk. With everything from music, to programming, I create something and then take a step back, look at it, and realize that it might be the most average thing I have ever created. Obviously, that can be a little rough. It can be discouraging writing a song, and then looking at it the next day and realizing how bad it is. It can be frustrating when I go shooting with my DSLR, come back home, and realize that some kid on Instagram took a better picture on an iPhone.

I think that when it comes to creating things, it is more beneficial to create all those superbly average things. It helps you grow, it helps you realize what you don't do well it. It pushes you towards the things you love creating, because you realize what you don't want to create. You can take the semi-terrible ideas and have them steer you towards something great. Just look at how many start-ups fail every year, but how many times some CEO talks about all his failed startups in the past. How many songs an artist will write before they find one to actually produce. How many of the same shot a photographer will take, just to pick one out of the bunch.

Chris Pratt

I want to create more things. Who cares if they suck? Who cares if I fail at it? Just keep creating. Why not try out RubyMotion and create an iOS app? I have no idea what I am doing and am probably gonna fail over and over again trying to figure it out. Why not try to make some weird synth noises to a click and call it a song? I will for sure fail to some extent with that, but I guarantee you I will figure out something new that will make the next attempt fail just a little bit less. And who knows, soon enough everything I have learned from all the failures will make one heck of a product, one heck of an idea, one heck of a creative piece of work.

I think that we need to be creative and push ourselves to fail at things so that we can learn. So go pick up a DSLR camera and shoot some photos and video. Pick up an old guitar and start writing some music. And of course my top suggestion, go download a text editor, open up the that terminal program that it still a mystery to you, and learn how to code. Go create something. And go fail at it. Because soon enough, that will help you create something great.

Now I would love your help. While I'm still looking for work, I am trying to build more things. How can you help? Shoot me some ideas? Have a cool idea for a web application? Let me know! I can't promise that I am going to make some ingenious product from your idea, but you will be helping me create! Leave a comment below, tweet at me, however you wanna get in touch. But I would love to fail at your guys' ideas, and maybe later on I can succeed at them.

So let me leave you with a little piece of encouragement, and just go create!

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