I have been creating a lot recently. Shooting photos, playing music, writing code. It has been amazing. I have talked about how much I love creating, so that is going to be some old news. But I have been thinking about who I am creating for. Maybe even more importantly, who should I be creating for?

I think as a Christian there is a simple and easy answer. I should be creating for God. Every note I play, every photo I shoot, every word I write, should all point towards Christ and His Kingdom. Sometimes that is easy to do. Write a post about a passage. Post a picture on Instagram and caption it with a bible passage. Every word I write to a chord or note being about Jesus and His love for us. Everything listed above is amazing, and it gives me a chance to show Christ in what I love to do.

The idea that I have been thinking about recently though, is what do I do when I am inspired to create something that may be deemed a little to secular for a Christian.

Now don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying that secular artists, secular creatives can create more inspiring and better work than someone of the Church. Every time Bethel Music comes out with an album, I am amazed by it. I follow photographers who shoot moving and beautiful photos with heavy Christian themes.

Yet, sometimes I feel like being a Christian, what I create can be judged a bit. Maybe even held in a different light. Not in a drastic way, but I notice it in small cases here and there. If I take a picture of a man sitting on the curb on a smoke break and share it, am I all of a sudden condoning addictions? If I write music that is full of frustration and even a bit angry, am I no longer a musician sharing my feelings, but an angry individual that needs help?

Even when you look at inspiration. Of course I am inspired by the aforementioned Bethel Music. They create amazing art. But I also am incredibly influenced creatively by Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino). He creates amazing art. I admire photographers from all of the world that don't exactly create art I would expect from a Christian (not saying they aren't, I have no real idea). But that is the stumbling block I feel sometimes. If someone looks at my pictures and can't tell that I love Christ, am I creating what I should be?

With all of that being said, the most important thing to me is that I am creating. And not only that I am creating, but I am creating something that people can connect with. I love it when someone I don't know tells me that they loved my photo. It makes me feel accomplished and excited when someone I don't know tells me how great the band sounded on a Sunday morning. I love it, and I can only pray that the people who see my art, who see what I create with the incredible artists I get to associate with weekly, can also see the heart and inspiration behind it.

And what is behind my art? Who inspires me the most? The God that created me. The God that creates every one of us with His own hands. The God that has given me the passion to create.

Will people always love what I create? Nope. Will everyone always understand the message I am trying to say? Probably not. Will people always understand my inspiration. I hope not, otherwise it wouldn't be mine.

I just want to create what speaks to me, with hopes that it speaks to the people around me. And ultimately, I want to create art that shows the world that God created. What point is there in creating if it doesn't show His creation?

I want to create. And I would love to create with you. I want to be inspired. And I want to know what inspires you! Connect with me and lets create together!