I miss work. Let me clarify. I miss work. There, that clear it up? I never thought that I would ever say something along those lines growing up, but I miss working dearly. Especially now that I have found a field of work that I love and challenges me. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with work, a sense of satisfaction. Not to say that I can't feel accomplished without gaining a paycheck, but more so in the sense that I miss that feeling of finishing a hard day's work and seeing what you built, what you cleaned, what you finished.

The concept that is work is interesting though. I just began reading Garden City, which is written by John Mark Comer. Comer writes about how we are made to work, That God created us to work, and without work in our lives, we can find ourselves feeling unfulfilled. What makes this concept so intriguing to me is that I see this so evident in my life, especially during this present time.

Like I mentioned, I am currently not working, and am searching for work. I am so excited to be looking for work as a developer, finally having a career that I love with a community that I am excited to be more involved in. In light of that statement, I find myself feeling pretty unfulfilled during the work week. I am scrounging for different ways that I can fill my time to make myself feel more productive, more fulfilled. I find myself trying to read everyday, which is a foreign past time for me, as well as starting to exercise in the home gym that is slowly developing in our garage. The beauty of all of these new habits that I am looking towards, and something that Comer mentions in his writing, is that anything that we do can be work.

That logic is what keeps me sane during this section of my life without work. When the weekend comes, I get to lead worship by playing music, spend Sunday night with 100 high school students whom I love, and then top it off Monday night with a small group of high school guys that I have known for years. All of those things are work. And believe me, sometimes it really is some work. Yet, I come away from the weekend, from any ministry event I get to be apart of with my heart full. Not only do I get to work doing something I love, but I get to work with and be used by the ultimate worker in God.

This is the kind of work that Comer talks about in Garden City. Work for the Kingdom. The beauty behind that is that when I find development work, when I spend hours a day nerdin' out in front of my computer, it can be work for the Kingdom. Which means that as believers, as followers of the most accomplished worker ever, we must strive to make everything we do Kingdom work. If you can manage to turn everything you do into work for the Kingdom, you will be fulfilled, and Jesus will shine his light through all that you do.

"For starters it means that your work is a core part of your humanness. You are made in the image of a working God." - John Mark Comer