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Thrive In The New Golden Age.

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How To Thrive In The New Golden Age – A Complete Guide

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Now, onto today’s post:

The traditional systems of education and employment are failing, and the world is waking up to this fact.

People are disillusioned with the way things are, the way they’re designed, and many of them are becoming harder and harder to fool, coerce, and control.

This lie has persisted for generations, but the cracks are beginning to emerge and the foundation the lie has been predicated on – the centralized control of information and singular influence over the minds of nations – is crumbling.

At the same time, we have a world where opportunity, optionality, and prosperity have never been more accessible to anyone anywhere.

We are more interconnected than ever before, education has never been so open and accessible, borders are digitally non-existent, and the world is larger than it’s ever been.

Creativity has never been so augmented, and productivity has never been so streamlined.

All of this is thanks to the modern miracle of the internet, subsequent advancements in technology that have and are resulting from it, and the tools (monoliths) we use to interface with it all.

This is the age of imagination, where that which is conceptualized can be given form and shared with the world. Where any idea can be communicated, gifted, or productized.

This is the Neo-Renaissance, where we’re seeing a world of exponential advancement, rapid progress, and explosive innovation in all realms of productive and creative pursuit – from mathematics, engineering, and science to art, philosophy, and spirituality – unfolding in front of our very eyes.

And this is the rise of the purpose-driven economy, where educators, content creators, and value producers can thrive in a way they’ve never been able to before. Couple this with widespread distrust of the powers that be and the failing system, and what arises is a potent combination that fosters a rare environment that anyone who’s willing to do so can take advantage of.

Here’s how to thrive in the new golden age.

The most advantageous aspects of being

Before we can talk about what to do, we need to talk about how to be.

What kind of person is most likely to succeed in the present and in the future?

I believe there are three archetypes that should be embraced to maximize success:

  • The philosopher’s mind – the inquisitor, the questioner, the ever-curious. Developing the philosopher’s mind means cultivating a thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It involves dedicating yourself to lifelong learning and integrating valuable ideas, insights, and information.
  • The inventor’s hands – the builder, the tinkerer, the ever-shaping. Developing the inventor’s hands means honing the skillful articulation of fingers and thumbs, and how they interact with, manipulate, and shape reality to create new art, products, and services. It means tapping into the infinite potential of formless ideas and architecting them into tangible form.
  • The artist’s soul – the feeler, the channeler, the ever-present. Developing the artist’s soul means connecting with the divine source of pure creativity, flowing within one’s zone of genius, and bringing nuanced ideas, insights, concepts, imagery, and invention into the world. It means accessing the vast inner well of one’s own being and sharing its waters to quench the thirst of those who seek refreshment.

If you actively strive to channel these states of being, you’ll align yourself with the way the future is trending. Being linearly focused or one-dimensional is no longer enough to achieve – you must become a multi-faceted, multi-capable, polymathic person.

Choosing how you will prosper

There are two primary paths you can take within this new golden age that will give you the highest possible upside for compounding your time, energy, and attention in favor of your freedom:

  • Digital Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship is my preferred path. It is self-directed, self-sustained, and predicated on defining your own role. A personal brand and online business where you share and monetize your expertise is the most conducive way to pursue this in the modern world.
  • Digital Intrapreneurship – Nearly anyone can be capable of building an online business, but there are those who simply don’t want to. If that’s you, I encourage you to consider Intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurship is the pursuit of a creative, flexible, and autonomous role within a pre-existing business. It allows you to engage in your creative work and dedicate yourself to something you believe in while not having to be the captain of the ship. The world needs intrapreneurs just as much as it needs entrepreneurs, especially as we move towards a world of atomic businesses (which I’ll be writing more about soon).

No matter the path you choose to pursue, there are 3 truths that apply to both:

  • A high-value skill stack is necessary – Both the entrepreneur and intrapreneur need to be neo-polymaths and acquire a multitude of primary and secondary skills. The entrepreneur because it is impossible to build a successful business without doing this, and the intrapreneur because their nuanced expertise and leverage in creative ability is what separates them from an employee.
  • A personal brand is a massive benefit (borderline requirement) – A personal brand allows you to be successful doing what you want, how you want, along any vertical. That’s because a personal brand is solidified awareness, and with awareness comes more opportunity. You don’t need to be famous, you just need to be out there. When you develop gravity, magnetism, and authority as a personal brand, you substantially amplify your potential for success.
  • Building a network is not optional, it is mandatory – The internet is a social space without borders or true distance. The entire world is available to you, and so are like-minded people from all walks of life. You cannot be an island; nobody has risen to the heights of success alone – it is a game of mutual support, being lifted up, and lifting others up. Build genuine, meaningful relationships or struggle to make the most out of what your technology can facilitate for you.

Rise of the Neo-Polymath

The Neo-Polymath emerges from individuals who prefer pursuing multiple, interconnected, high-value disciplines that enable them to harness the power found in the wonders of the modern world.

The essence of the Neo-Polymath is specialized generalism – striving for excellence in a few primary skills while developing proficiency in a range of secondary skills that enhance the effectiveness and applicability of their primary skills.

Through intentional acquisition and combination of specific skill sets, you empower yourself with permissionless leverage – the ability to create value without relying on external resources or the authorization of others. Instead of seeking out predefined jobs, positions, or roles, you aim to create your own opportunities by uniquely applying your combination of abilities.

While there are countless skills you can develop, I believe there are three master skills that are particularly conducive to success in the modern world and that you should strive to excel in:

  • Research – The ability to effectively seek out, absorb, combine, and re-contextualize information, ideas, and concepts. Mastering research provides continuous access to valuable inputs, laying the foundation for consistently producing valuable outputs.
  • Writing – The ability to communicate information, ideas, and concepts through the written word. If you’re following my advice to establish a personal brand, regardless of whether you lean towards entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship, you must become a proficient writer, as nearly all content is based on writing. Newsletters, articles, video scripts, or podcast notes – they all benefit from and rely on writing.
  • Speaking – The ability to communicate information, ideas, and concepts through spoken words. The better you are at verbally expressing your thoughts and feelings, the more effective you’ll be at achieving your goals. This is especially true if you intend to pursue any path involving audio or video. Developing strong speaking skills can only give you an advantage in life.

From the primary skills come a multitude of secondary skills you can cultivate, each one a natural amplifier of the 3 master skills. Of these, here are the ones I think you should (at the very least) commit yourself to developing competence in:

  • Content Creation – The ability to convey your message in a concise, meaningful, and resonant way appropriate to the medium and platform. This is the medium through which your message is channeled.
  • Content Production – The ability to operate the tools, software, and technologies needed for the delivery and distribution of content. This includes social media platforms, writing tools, video and audio editing, etc. This is how you attract awareness to your message.
  • Offer Creation – The ability to conceptualize, plan, and create offers that are personally fulfilling and valuable to your customers and clients. This is where your content, which you provide for free, should lead people to. This also applies to intrapreneurship, as your offer is the value you have to provide to a business you might work within.
  • Sales and Marketing – The ability to persuade, influence, and convince prospects that your offer is transformative and worth investing in. This is how you use your skills in writing and speaking to convey the value provided by your offer(s).
  • Backend Sequencing – The ability to operate the tools, software, and technologies needed to automate and scale your brand and business. This includes newsletter software, landing page builders, analytics, etc. This is how you automate and scale.

Many of these skills can be outsourced, but I would highly encourage you to learn your way around them and be capable of effectively doing each one yourself. Not only will that make you better at outsourcing them if you choose to do so (you will have a better idea of what to look for), but it will also make it so you never have to rely on anyone or anything else to be effective.

To acquire proficiency with these (or any) skills, there are three fundamental steps you need to follow. No matter what stage you are at in the process of developing your skill sets, these 3 steps are the same – implemented by both the beginner and the master:

  • Setting a clear intention – Defining the what and where of your ideal life, the who of your ideal self, the hows that bring it into reality, and the whys that make any of it matter in the first place.
  • Commitment of focused attention – The bridge that allows the essence and vision of your internal world to interact with, affect, and change the experience of your external world.
  • Consistency in effective action – Identifying and engaging the primary and secondary skills that allow you to crystallize your vision in the real world through practice, application, and repetition.

Ultimately, the path to becoming a successful value creator boils down to how you approach the world and nurture your own personal growth within it.

Embrace your natural curiosity and desire to learn and understand more about the reasons behind things and your own place in relation to them.

Continuously test what you learn and challenge your existing beliefs to ensure their validity. Make sure that everything in your worldview and belief system has earned its place.

Don’t just use your senses, refine them – strive to truly see rather than just look, listen attentively rather than just hear, and feel deeply rather than simply touch. Recognize that your sensory connection to the world can be a valuable teacher, imparting timeless wisdom if you are open to receiving it.

Embrace uncertainty, paradox, and tension – train your mind to remain flexible as you navigate the fine line between logical analysis and imaginative thinking.

Balance your perception with reason and logic, but never close yourself off to the possibilities of magic, wonder, and extraordinary experiences.

Think holistically – remember that connections are always present, even when they are not immediately obvious.

Push the boundaries of your own knowledge and challenge the knowledge of others. Never hesitate to theorize, advance, and seek new ways of understanding.

Follow these guidelines, and the future will belong to you.

Everything above, including all of my tools, systems, frameworks, strategies – literally everything I know about building a successful brand and business – is taught inside the Academy.

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Much love and, as always, thank you for reading.


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